William Francis Clemons – Virginia

his name is William Francis Clemons of 2140 Manassas run vbv 23464, we were together 12yrs and he has cheated multiple time. he is a compulsive liar, narrsaist, back stabbing, arragant, selfish back stabbing, 46 yr old mommas boy. he is currently seeing the last skanky w**** he cheated on me with, her name is Elizabeth Capp from Michigan. both are currently pill poppers and meth heads, please beware if this guy if he should approach you, he is a waste of space and skin. if i had a penny for every lie i wouldnt need to work.. thats how much he lies, couldnt keep his s*** in his pants even if he had a c*** shock collar. every word out of his mouth makes that pile of s*** bigger!!! total piece of s*** ladies!!!!

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