Waeljoh WG Waeel Aljohmani scammer ! – Denmark

Scammer – liar – cheater. Married to three women – all marriages were fulfilled in a mosque so the authorities won’t know. His wives think they are the only one… He has several netdatingsprofiles where he claims to be single ! Will have sex with you after a few minutes and then he asks you for money. He is a scammer ! Going to jail – fraud ! Lives in Kerteminde in Denmark and works for Stellini Kaffe in Copenhagen. Has hepatitis and has infected several women – mainly very young girls

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  1. TRUE ! He is nothing but a piece of shit ! Liar, cheater, scammer. He likes both men and women, but prefers small girls ! Has several profiles, where he lies about his age, his job, his status (HE IS MARRIED !!!) . Writes to hundreds of women, who will believe his shit ! Claims to have his own coffee company – does your boss know that ????

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