Tyroame Michel Jackson – Georgia

Tyroame is an internet predator and a cheater. He has pages on several dating websites including Zoosk and Black Planet. He befriends women on these sites and then uses them for whatever he can get. He is very dangerous and violent. If he can’t get what he wants from you, he plots and steals it from you. He broke into my home and stole several items, including money and jewelry. He has an STD and knowingly gives it to women. He is a deadbeat dad who said that he doesn’t even want his child and has tried to put a hit out on the baby’s mother. Tyroame (also known as Tye)is a drug dealer. He lives in Jonesboro, Georgia and drives a black 2001 GMC Yukon. Ladies, please be careful and run the other way if you meet him.

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