Tracy Marmion – United Kingdom

I’d like to warn people on the nasty old creep in the photo who is a scumbag,pathological liar and cheater,manipulator,racist,prostitutes addict sex buyer, sexual deviant, tranny chaser, pedophile and all around piece of s***! I was with this c*** 4 years and found out he cheated with trannies, prostitutes and the hordes of ladyboys (like the one in the photo)he added on facebook and tried to pass as “friends” when actually he meets them on prostitutes sites and dating sites. He is on tons of sites looking for sex,and send pics of his small little tiny hairy sausage to everyone! He is even messaging young underage girls and boys for sex. He cheated on all his gfs, which can confirm the chubby mexican he was with before me,and has obviously an obsession on Transgenders. He goes all the time to cheap brothels in London and travels to Asia for child sex tourism.

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