Terence William Bloom – Canada

I was with him for 3.5 years. .. he didn’t tell me he wawas addicted to porn to the point he could get hard for any one but when he watched porn. I helped him through it. … he even moved me in . In hopes to marry me. … he was a porn addict and pot addict come to find out as well as alcoholic. This i found out after 2 years how bad he was. At the end he was totally in his porn addiction that he had a addict rage and physically assaulted me throwing me against the wall 4 times for no reason out 90 a dead sleep then picked me up and threw me on the bed throwing the blanket over me and kept violently banging me on the bed trying to silence me. Wouldn’t stop till he told me if I wanted his help to move out like he said he would I had to shut up and listen. He was so violent that he tried to tear his own shirt off … when he attacked me he stopped himself from punching me in the face. He had a psychotic break. Don’t date him. He will seem normal but after time he will break. .. he will always choose himself and his addiction before you or anyone. You will lose to his addiction and him being a sex addict. Run as fast as you can. You may think he is normal but he is not. He will sell himself to you to get you hooked in. .. run

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