Sandy Ounsongsva – Virginia

This w**** is named Sandy Ounsongsva and her alias is ( not joking so serious) is Sandy Cumsongsva. She has been sleeping with my husband for 13 years for a price. She is a paid prostitute who has also slept with all my husband’s friends and even family. She stole 30000 from a handicapped gentleman’s safe, and she had been sleeping with him.for years as well. He is missing a leg AND SHE HAD SEX WITH THE STUMP OF HIS LEG. She has been in my homes and my cars she actually had sex with my hisband in my home in my bed while my small son who has.a.terminal illness, was in the very next room. She is a drug addict who smokes PCP and crack and I have hears that she actually enjoys getting her so called friends messed up and incapacitated then having sex with them, females in particular.

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