Norman Barney — Washington

I had been talking to a man that pretended to be charming. Had a good job as a lineman with a good company Edison. I was contacted by a number in Washington to find out he is still telling his ex wife Jennifer Barney that they are together. Not only that I was forwarded a number of someone he dates that he works with that then forwarded me his roommates number. He has naked pictures of her and from his wife and ex I have seen that they live together and have dated . He denies this all and now I have herpes. He told me he was living in Kennewick to help with his family. His family is his ex wife Jennifer still claiming him and using his last name. She informed me he has a record of domestic violence and has given her drds. Another lady he dated told me he took everything she had while he still has a bank account with his ex wife and still pays her bills. I was totally scammed. Not to mention the fact that he is having sex with his roommate that he has been fuk buddies with for years and used to put her up iin multiple hotels across from his while at the same time buying floozys. He forgot to make his google photos private. Not the first time I have seen him here after I looked him up on checkmate and spokeo .

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