Michael James – Oregon

This here is Michael James. This ex vet who was dishonorably discharged from the Army likes to threaten women he dates/take out on dates. He threatens to bash you on vertans sights claiming hes some kind of “victim” of these horrible horrible women who want to get as far away from him as possible! He is violent, he friends help him and claim is PTSD but in reality this puke was being and hurting women long before. This bum as loser lives in his older buddies house, claims it’s his house and he letting his buddies live there. WRONG, also is bankrupt, lied and said his ex fiancee Ashley did it while away at war. Nope the bum as b1tch cant pay bills.. has a broke down truck, has been trying to scum off women to get ahead in life because the loser cant do it on his own. Hes on pof, tinder, and farmers online. Has been for years!! Ladies if this loser with those Austin powers teeth message you. Save yourself the trouble and harassment and block the psycho!!!!!!!

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