(1) Statute of Limitation issues, Dead Men Can’t Talk issues, Necessary Party Joinder issues, – for bringing a disrespectful copyright infringement lawsuit against Led Zeppelin on behalf of some obscure band named “Spirit” for the alleged theft of the song “Stairway to Heaven,” 40 years later, when in fact the writer of the Spirit song has long since been dead, and can not even testify, where his testimony, cross-examination, deposition, interrogatories, examination before trial, discovery and presence is absolutely essential to the adjudication and outcome of this case (not that the Spirit version sounds anything even close to Led Zeppelin’s version, but what if he actually gave verbal or written permission to Led Zeppelin to use a similar rift? How will we ever know, if he can’t speak because he is dead?);(2) for unabashedly speaking to the media about the case HE IS ACTUALLY LITIGATING, and not just commenting on or analyzing a case for other lawyers litigating the matter, on global networks such as CNN and FoxNews and other networks, without the actual Plaintiffs being present, which is completely forbidden by Attorney Ethics Rules, as it MIGHT be ok to comment on a case you are litigating in passing (like on the steps of a courthouse) with your client present, or even if your client feels like speaking to the media (which is never recommended) but to actually go on live CNN televison by yourself, on a case you yourself are actually litigating, is beneath contempt and totally unethical;

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