Luke Daley – California

My ex husband is a compulsive liar and a cheater. Seriously everything out of his mouth is a ball-faced lie. He cheated on me and every word out of his mouth is a lie. He will even lie to our 6 year old daughter without remorse. He’s lied to his family & friends & his latest girlfriends (yes that’s plural). He tries to make it seem like he’s the one that’s been so poorly treated & was kicked out on the streets bc myself & his family are so mean but honestly it’s because we were tired of his s***. He can’t keep a job, he drinks & does weed even though he tells his AA buddies & his girlfriends he doesn’t. He can never keep a promise, even with his own child. He’s almost mid-30s and he lived with his parents until they got fed up and moved out on him. (After his own sister kicked him out). His girlfriends rejected him when he asked to move in with them but some girls & friends of his paid for hotels for him to stay in, all while he’s still legally married. He’s so f****** lazy & even though he’s had the resources to get sober and better himself, he’s failed every time.

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