Jessica Squires Pichan – New York

For the past three years, I have been living with my boyfriend. During this time, he would regularly receive texts and phone calls from a past girlfriend that he claimed he was trying to “help”….to the point that she was calling the our home at three in the morning. I was diagnosed with a Stage III cancer, considered terminal, and having no family — my boyfriend is my caregiver and world. At this time, I demanded that the texts and late night phone calls stop as my health was more important than helping a “troubled” friend. My boyfriend then admitted to carrying on an inappropriate relationship with his ex, a woman name JESSICA SQUIRES PICHAN. He stated that he and JESSICA SQUIRES PICHAN had been in contact on and off for the entire time we had been together (and she was also the reason that his past three relationships had ended). They had many conversations in which they spoke of leaving their respective partners and getting back together. I had attempted to speak with JESSICA SQUIRES PICHAN during one of her calls received at 3am, and requested that she leave us alone — she knew very well that she was calling the home of another women in the middle of the night. Yet, JESSICA SQUIRES PICHAN continued to contact my boyfriend, saying that she was “unhappy and made a mistake” (referring to her marriage to her current husband in 2009). Despite knowing the harm she was causing in my life….as she was very well aware of my health condition and reliance on my boyfriend as a primary caregiver, she continued to cause trouble and violate the security of my home (including endangering my life through the level of stress she brought upon a terminal cancer patient).

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