Jessica Lynn Hansen – Wisconsin

First of all this is the most trashy #b**** I have ever met! I met her on plenty of fish and she asked me to drive to Chippewa falls and meet her at a bar after she was done working at “our home memory care” which is right in town. We met up when she was done working and then got a hotel room and had sex. She told me she had to leave because she needed to get home to take care of her son and she had to work early in the morning. It was early in the evening still so I decided to get a drink and went back to where I met her parked my car when I noticed she was I front of the same bar with another guy, what the #f***! What kind of #s*** does that. Put this #s*** on blast to the whole pof community. BMW you must be the #shittiest mom ever if you are #whoreing out your #a** that much instead of being a good parent.

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