Jennifere Stamper – Texas

Jennifer was married to my son. He worked ,kept her girls, cleaned house, bought grocerys, did laundry, cooked cleaned house, she went to school to be a nurse practioner. She did nothing!! When she got her liecenses to practice, she had been working some for a Dr. but the truth known, was seeing that Dr, going on trips with him, while my son was doing his very best to keep her happy. Then she kicked him out and the Dr moved in!! I would hate to have her practice on me!! And she never accepted my grand children, her girls were mean to my grands, she didn’t want them over ever!! She did her first husband the same way! I posted about her on another site and her boyfriend the Dr tried to sue?? my son!! What a Bit–!! Isnt there freedom of speech any more?? Any ways he is finnanally happy with a great girl, but thjat ex wont quit texting him wanting to be friend and more. That Dr don’t know what he is in for , she s a gold digger, and making her girls just like her!! So remember this woman she is poison!! mom

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