He’s a spoonfed liar. Will get with any hoe who can offer him sex drugs or drinks. Likes chubby women, women with kids and barmaids. Is probably infertile. Likes to let you work, ask for money, and go get wasted and benzo’d up. Will look at you straight in the eyes and tell you he loves you but will text and go out with different women. He got caught in person and over the phone. Likes drugsluts, will say he has a “sex addiction” when in all reality he’s just a lying dumbfuck who can’t stand up to his wrongdoings. Likes to lie about sick family members to avoid people. Will use ANYTHING as an excuse to get over on you. If you ever read this, I hope it comes back on you tenfold fuckface. And I hope the next woman to fuck around with you sees this and runs far far away. He’s not worth it. The dick isn’t worth the drama. He’s a lazy ass leech until he sees something to take advantage of.

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