David Oglesby – Florida

I met Dave oge69er in Escanaba in Upper Michigan he works a route stocking products in Grocery Stores and travels quite a Bit. He told me he was divorced and we carried on for years online and meeting in person when he would come to town. When I found out he was divorced and then remarried with several children from each marriage I was horrified. When I did some research I found out he was listed on a site called don’tdate hime.com although the posts are now unavailable it was clear this sleaze bag mope has women in every town.He had me fooled as we talked so myuch on the puter and phone I thought it impossible he could be married. I am so sick over this I feel so bad for his wife and children as once I confronted him he lamely stated how he is trapped in a marriage because of his children with a wife he has no feelings for. This was over a year ago and checking with some of his friends I know he is still the same ole cheating slob. He just is much more careful about it. From now on I will do my homework and If I can’t call a guy on his landline or visit his house or apartment I will never get involved. I wish I had never met this guy as the guilt is disgusting and sickening. Most of all he is a selfish lover, all about himself!!! if a guy can’t take you to a nice restraunt or even spring for a hotel when out of town when you travel with him and wants you to get it on outside take not he is garabge. David Oglesby is no good

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