Chiquita Shannon – Georgia

I did not initially post the entry on Chiquita Shannon on this website. However, since she has failed to apologize to me and wants to sweep this issue under the rug, I do want to post my experience with Ms. Shannon. Chiquita Shannon has no respect for my marriage. She DOES live in Forsyth, GA and she DOES work in Jackson, GA. From what I have seen, Chiquita has been openly communicating with my husband since 2013 via text and talking. She DOES ask my husband if he misses her when she is off of work. She DOES ask my husband to call her when he gets off. She DOES ask my husband to bring her things. She even asks about her rain check. They even met up at a funeral. They did not text other people when they were meeting up at this funeral. She has worked with my husband for nine years. She has caused my husband to disrespect his marriage. There is NO excuse for that much interaction on or off the job with any coworker that is not your mate. She has caused immeasurable pain to both me and my children. My 8 year old daughter does not understand why her dad had to communicate with Chiquita. I realize now that she will just find a different way to communicate with him and manipulate him into doing so. I would not be surprised if they changed/gotten new phones. They have BOTH labeled me crazy. However, how would Chiquita feel if she had a mate that was asking another woman if she was missing him? Chiquita is no good. SNEAKY via silence. She has attempted to destroy my home. I’m going to let the Lord take care of her.

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