Amanda Leigh Gans – Washington

Diabolical but unattached and unable to bond. Its an amygdala malformation from what she explained. Not their choice. The tactics. They could maybe avoid those. But who am I to judge.Control and confusion worked on me. They like you to internalize the shame likely because you have a degree of empathy.Meet her mom. Jolene. And […]

Mira McDaniel indulges casual intimacy with men in Seattle Washington

Mira McDaniel (nee Mira Berenshtein) in Seattle, WA used and abused me for physical intimacy!!! I am sure not many men would complain when a girl uses a dude for intimate encounters but Mira McDaniel played with my emotions and she took advantage of me. I met Mira McDaniel at a Starbucks, we hit it […]