Mark Dickinson & Emma Henderson – United Kingdom

These two sleaze bags met up in a park car park before work and f***** each other in Mark’s car……….Mark (has/had a long term girlfriend) has just recently turned 25 and Emma (mother of 1) is coming up 35 and is married.To be continued………………….. Pictures to follow

Samad Jay Monshur – United Kingdom

Extremely manipulative – checks phone and all social media, controls who you speak to, where you go, what you wear. BUT spoils you at the same time with thoughtful surprises and caring for your family and friends, so that you don’t doubt his control.Lived with my family for 2 years, whilst cheating on his girlfriend […]

Walid Abu Zalaf – United Kingdom

If you were ever a victim of Walid Abu Zalaf, publisher of Al-Quds newspaper Jerusalem, ranging from emotional, sexual, mental abuse to deception, lies, tricking, brainwashing, please report to local law enforcement and victims organisation. He operates on dating applications, Instagram, Tinder, etc. Palestinian/Lebanese 60 years old, married to a Russian woman, 5 kids with […]

Tracy Marmion – United Kingdom

I’d like to warn people on the nasty old creep in the photo who is a scumbag,pathological liar and cheater,manipulator,racist,prostitutes addict sex buyer, sexual deviant, tranny chaser, pedophile and all around piece of s***! I was with this c*** 4 years and found out he cheated with trannies, prostitutes and the hordes of ladyboys (like […]