Leigh Antony Cowden – United Kingdom

This man is dangerous. He has undiagnosed borderline personality disorder and will hook you in with promises of love and a life together. After he has done this and you have fallen in love with him, he will become cold and hateful. Going into rages over absolutely nothing and you will be totally bewildered. He […]

Laura Chapman Gibbs – United Kingdom

Laura Chapman-Gibbs has 2 children and has been married for over 15 years. She has always been a selfish individual who has always put herself first and her family last Laura has excelled herself this time round by deciding to have an affair with a convicted violent drug dealer and to leave her family for […]

Carolina Taylor – United Kingdom

Carolina Taylor (maiden name Carolina Salas ) in London United Kingdom, works as marketing manager at Alpari ( UK) Ltd , is married and has children . However , this does not stop her from chasing after a guy called Matt Smith, who goes online calling himself “smithmatt007” . Rather than respecting her husband, her […]