Do not fall for this innocent looking monster. My sister fell prey to a man who seemed nice, hard working and kind man. (Walter Crocker Lundin). She was months away from marrying Walter Lundin (if Ripon) They had dated for years and she eventually moved in with himShe found over the years of relationship he has cheated ” several times with a lady in East Modesto…An Asian lady, a homeless women, prostitutes when he stopped his rig at truck stop (He delivers ice cream)…had hand jobs-been masturbated at local massage shops (Happy Ending massages)…and then attempted to seduce MY good friend, 25 – his senior) I have copy of all texts if this is disputed but didn’t want to out my non participating friend. For sensitivity to her culture/elders I wish to maintain their privacy.Him on the other hand, I am hoping to alert other women. He reportedly has duped 3 others in to marriage before Check who you date.

Walter Lundin – California

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