Samantha Blaylock Martindale is a liar and a thief!! I was married to her for a short time ..A little bit about her she is assistant v.p bank of little rock and manager of the 200 north state street bank ..She stole 70 to 80 thousand from her mother Diane who is disabled and in a wheel chair from a failed suicide attempt!!! the account her mother wasn’t able to manage money so she put sam on the account over a period of a couple years Sam and her x husband Jeremy blaylock took the money over a period of time before getting caught using the money to buy toys and live a elegant life the trust atty couldn’t press charges so they just took it out of her inheritance..Sam lived at her mothers when I met her didnt have a damn thing.I spent 10,000.00 on new furniture and appliances ..She told her atty it was hers the b**** lied and stole from me And her mother ..She can’t be trusted shes also a cheater she has affairs with customers .The owner of glo tan and truck assecory warehouse in little rock and other men ..She is a serial online dater on pof tinder and bumble ..She sleeps with multiple men I seen antibiotics used to treat herpes in one of our cabinets ..Shes also a drunk bad !! She will drive with her 11 year old daughter intoxicated ..One night at a cook out her daughter said mom please dont drink ..drink water sam dumped the water over her childs head and face screaming at her that is child abuse in my eyes! Sam is more into partying and getting laid than she is a mother ..she thinks shes so sexy 2 . She is beautiful with clothes on take the clothes off nasty nasty ..Well just use caution if she will steal from her mother and a husband a man that gave her a beautiful home and everything she will screw you over..I dont see how she is working at a bank that knows shes a thief …she also manually keyed in and took off my debit card cash advances without my signature over $7,000.00…She will cheat on you use you and steal from you ..Samantha Diane Blaylock or martindale she will scan you ..use caution if your in the little rock ,bryant,benton,or hotsprings area…She is serious white trash and a w****.

Samantha Blaylock – Arkansas

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