Well my fiance and I had just had our daughter. She wasn’t even a month old, we had a brief separation while I was still pregnant and that’s when Kayla Fyffe started sleeping with my ex-fiance. She knew about my pregnancy, and didn’t care about that. When our daughter was born we tried to work it out, within a week or so after us moving back home, she started sleeping with my fiance again, with full knowledge of our engagement and our newborn child. I hadn’t even recovered from giving birth to our child. Classic example of a home wrecker. We broke up shortly after I suspected what was going on. She was down there the day after my daughter and I left, as a result of his affair with her, sleeping in my bed, gross. She ruined my family, seduced my fiance, and is now living under his roof with no job, and he doesn’t support his child, she has no problems taking his money either. I’d also like to mention she is 18yrs younger than him.

Kayla Fyffe — Waverly, Ohio

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