He is a bipolar multi personality cheating pos. While married to him for 6 years he cheated on me. I worked a night job and he would leave our 3 children home alone and drive 25 minutes away to cheat with his mistress Montana Guthrey who has going on 5 kids with 5 dads. 2 of them born during these cheating times but neither is my husbands. Since filing for divorce he has slept with a meth w**** followed by 6 other women he has met on meetme and adult friend finder. He will not use a condom so there is no telling what diseases he has. He has broke so many things of mine it is not even funny. He will punch in TV’s, kick whatever table or chair is around. Dumped a couch on me while I was feeding one of our babies. He is crazy and you should stay away from him. You can confirm this stuff on pulaskiclerk.com by entering his name and seeing everything he has put both me and his ex wife through. He has 2 counts of Domestic Battery in the 3rd and 1 count of Interfering with 911 communications. Thats just with me. There are more with his ex wife although I am not quite sure what they are. BEWARE!!!!

Jeffrey Worthen – Arkansas

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