This Slutty Bus Driving slore is a Three time Gold Medalist in the HomeWrecking Gold Olympics, completing for her Fourth ribbon in the HomeWrecking challenge this year, tying up 2017. Earion Jhade Myers, formerly known AS ERIN JADE MYERS, AKA ERIN JADE FILES, AKA CLIPPER_WHIP89 ON instagram and snapchat, doesn’t mind keeping your husband happy on long work days. No, indeed. In fact, she will keep him longer than necessary, as he will be off the clock for at least four or more hours before returning home. This is especially true if your husband is working a part time job at the same job, Earion/Erin is working. As a matter of fact, she will ensure he takes up smoking, in or during his break time to spend it all with her to not only practice proper inhaling and exhaling techniques, but to ensure that if youve been married for an extended amount of time, i.e. 16 years… that the kiss you’ve shared with your beloved has been forever transformed into something that only a millennial could propagate. Because lets face it, Those baby boomers had it all wrong. It’s us, Generation X that knows what were doing. If you didn’t get that, She’s 27 and he’s 45. But thats okay, in EARION JHADE’S HOMEWRECKER’S OLYMPICS THERE IS NO WEIGHT CLASS RESTRICTRICTIONS. EVERY ONE IS FAIR GAME. The site for HOMEWRECKERS OLYMPICS is in the heart of the Potomac River in beautiful town of Harper’s Ferry WV. Working as a Bus Driver and Breaking up Marriages is an exhaustive job, but, hey… there has to be some fulfillment in rafting trips. I mean, between having sex with the Guides, the mechanics and the Married men at the Adventure Center, this Berkeley County WV School bus driver has to be exhausted, BUT! She’s not!! NO! THIS WASHED UP former 9 WEST HAIR SALON SYLIST Still finds the time to CARRY THE OLYMPIC TORCH TO THE MARRIED MAN’S OTHER JOB and meet him there after work, during the week. From there, they go to local hotels, where she entertains him for hours and the STAMINA IT TAKES FOR THAT. [I MEAN, WHOA, UNTIL11-12PM AT NIGHT. HOTELS IN HARPERS FERRY, MARTINSBURG, RANSON AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE THE CLARION ON PREMISES, OF EMPLOYEE PARKING. NOT TO MENTION JUST PLAIN F*****g IN MY FAMILY CAR WHERE MY KIDS CARSEATS ARE… DID I MENTION, I FOUND HER NASTY DIRTY UNDERWEAR?] OH, They met at TWO PARKS, SAM MICHEALS AND MORGAN GROVE PARK for some blow job sessions… but don’t worry EARION, I heard you are only going to rank bronze at best in that, as you make a weird slurping sound and you can’t deep throat (but you do swallow [points for that.] He likes DEEP throat, btw. CHANGING YOUR NAME, CONSTANTLY REACHING OUT WON’T HELP. YOU RUINED MY MARRIAGE. YOU KNEW HE WAS MARRIED. SO, I WILL BE THE ONE HOLDING THE GOLDEN CROWN, BABE, NOT YOU. HOW DOES IT FEEL?? TO KNOW THAT ONCE YOU WERE FOUND OUT, YOU GOT USED UP, DISHED OUT, AND TOSSED LIKE A DISHRAG. SO YOU THINK IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS, I GOT USED? NO. BUT YOU JUST WANTED TO HAVE A LITTLE FUN, RIGHT? BUT WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED WAS SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. YOU WANTED WHAT I HAD. YOU WANTED MY HOME. MY HUSBAND. MY CHILD. AND TO GIVE MY HUSBAND A CHILD. BUT YOU COULDN’T GIVE MY HUSBAND SOMETHING I HAD… HIS HEART. MY HEART IS BROKEN AND WHAT YOU TOOK FROM ME CAN NEVER BE REPLACED, BUT WHAT I REPLACE IT WITH WILL BE STRONGER BECAUSE OF TRASH LIKE YOU. SO, YES. THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE MISERABLE FOR THESE LAST FEW MONTHS. BECAUSE OF YOU I AM STRONGER. MY MARRIAGE IS GETTING STRONGER AND WE WILL BE STRONGER. YOU, YOU WILL BE ALONE, SAD AND BROKEN. ON THE INSIDE, YOULL BE MISERABLE. AND THAT WILL BE JUSTICE TO ME. Even though beating your ass would have probably been sweeter, I am better than that. 

and I rise above that with the grace of God. And, if anyone of you reading this has any sense, keep your damn man away from this filthy woman. Don’t even be friendly with her. I have had so many women reach out to me regarding her and tell me horror stories about how ERIN has personally victimized them and their families. AND , YES… I BLASTED MY HUSBAND, MORE THAN I’VE BLASTED THIS CHICK.

Earion Jhade Myers — Martinsburg, West Virginia

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