Posting this person Valerie J. Grijalva because she has the nerve to strut around town like she has done nothing wrong. She was with my husband that she meet at unsung fitness. She has been with a bartender from Poway pub on many occasions. She played soccer at Poway sports plex and was spotted in the parking lot after the games with different guys from her team in cars being nasty. I know she works for Renovate America company. She is sleeping with a manager from her work. Probably to get a raise. I have asked her many times to stop talking to my husband. She denies everything. I follow her and even have pictures of her with other guys and showed them to my husband. He says he doesn’t talk to her anymore. I have heard that she is not married anymore. Her husband knows she is sleeping with everyone, so he left her. She is good at lying and always says “what are you talking about” like playing dumb. She has no respect for married men, she just wants to sleep with them and then ask for money, or anything else she can get from them. She has an ugly back tattoo above her butt. I have seen it in pictures, she is nasty. She does not shave her kitty. She sent my husband pictures of it. I know he has a video of them in bed together. I’m trying to get it so I can send it to her to show her that Its true she has slept with my husband. I have only been with him for 5 years. I hope all the ladies who know her see this and keep their man away from her. Be carful ladies she is nasty and dangerous!

Valerie J. Grijalva — Poway, California

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