Long story short! Stephanie Marie Ricoy was having sex with my fiancé and I warned her to stay away from him before she got pregnant!! Next thing I know I’m having a conversation with MY fiancé about how she is pregnant and he doesn’t know what to do. So being that I was with him for 4 going on 5 years and we were talking about rings and making things right I promised myself to work things out with him while he worked it out with her. For some reason this woman does not get a clue that he is a gentleman so him sticking around in her life was for the childs benefit not hers. I admit it is his fault too because I’m sure he has given her the wrong idea by taking photos with her and the child (which again I was all for the child to look at when he got older and we explain everything else later)… I clearly told her the deal that she is just a baby mamma and him and I are still together. I have her countless proof that him and I are still heavily involved, have an apartment together in LA and bills and share money with each other. She doesn’t get it and uses this baby over his head to wreck us and distance us and break our home up. I finally gave up and let her win. It’s sad bcoz I lost a friend and a fiancé and he tells me he is just dealing with her until she understands. It’s sad because she will never get it and he doesn’t have the courage enough to clearly state her position and how he truly feels about her. She thinks she’s more than a baby mamma. Anyway, good luck to you and him. I loved him but I can’t be caught in this and have to take the L. Home wreckers and blinded females are impossible to deal with.

Stephanie Marie Ricoy — Brooklyn, New York

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