I have known Kiela Acosta all her life, she is a family member. I took her into my home gave her a job with my husband protected her when my daughter and sister in law wanted to beat her up. About 3 years ago I started noticing text messages on my husband phone that just didn’t read like cousins or a fatherly figure. Then my husband started deleting all their text messages I was very uncomfortable with this so I put an end to her working and I talked to her and him. She told me it’s not what I think ( famous words) and she loves me that nothing like that would ever happen and my husband is more like an uncle than cousin to her blah, blah, blah. Well I believed her but I still kept my distance. Fast forward to a few months ago. I see text messages again this time all his are deleted but hers are there. They were sneaking and meeting and talking about the sacrifices they are making for each other and he was giving her money paying for Uber’s for her. So when I confronted her this time she told me my husband has been hitting on her while he’s drunk and I being the person I am, apologized to her because she’s only 20. I told her that would never happen again and I talk to my husband and he told me she’s lying… well I saw her out and I said can we talk about what’s going on and she’s telling me now there is no text messages that they were all made up. Stories keep getting changed. Her and her sister tried fighting me. In the end my daughter who is one year older that kiela beat up both kiela and her sister. This ordeal has ruined my marriage completely beyond on repair. Once a cheater always a cheater. Kiela is known for sleeping around with older married men and using them for their money. She has a baby by one of the married men she was sleeping well she’s not sure which married man is the father. She is also on backpage. Beware of Kiela cause she’s always on the prowl looking for married men who has the most money!

Kiela Acosta — Buffalo, New York

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