So I have been married for 8 years to my husband he has always been a great man. Till this year I was pregnant and my mother had just died. When his “friend” Carmen Segovia decided to get to cozy with him. Even though I spoke to her and told her to please back away that this was a family and I was pregnant she did not care. After I had the baby he told her they had to stop and he stopped talking and seeing her. She acted like a friend and weaseled her self back into the back seat of my husbands car. I know he isn’t the best either but I am glad he told me and asked me to help him back away. Even though he did she still wouldn’t leave him alone. She even colored her hair like mine and tried to harass me on social media. Her older sister would “help” me. Yeah right nothing but lying HOMEWRECKING little girls.

Carmen Segovia — Panorama City, California

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