Alba Villasenor a pathetic mother of three boys was living in Merced county at the time with a single older man who was a neighbor of ours. Me and my fiancé had separate residents at the time. Though I spent the majority of my time with him. I first notice her children playing outside unattended. My two little ones played with her smallest. Curious, I asked her son if they were living next door. He claimed his mom got kicked out of their last home. A week went by. I noticed Alba Villasenor we had made eye contact a few times when leaving but she never spoke or introduced herself. In march of 2017 I went to drop off my children with their father and saw her sitting on the patio. Feeling uncomfortable, but keeping my composure his roommate was sitting with them as well so I ignored my feelings, and carried on. When discussing my feelings to my fiancé he assured me they were just hanging out and the roommate was trying to get to know her… another week goes by and now she’s parking in my spot I had snapped” I approached her and both my fiancé and the roommate. I wasn’t nice about it either. I decided to get away with my children on a trip to brighten their smiles. When I came back oh did things take a turn for the worse. Both alba Villasenor and my fiancé denied anything was going on and I was crazy! My fiancé reassured me how loyal he was ect… Something just didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t trust her. Something about her screamed “Desperation”. So I decided to pop up unexpectedly one night. April 1st ha what a April fools it was! of course with a help of a friend I approached the home at 3am to find her green van not in front okay so I walk around the house and wow her van was hiding in the back. The backdoor was unlocked, I walked in hoping she was in the living-room with the roommate. Nope he was chilling all by himself. I merged into my fiancé room to find him and her in bed sitting under the blanket side by side watching a movie. Unfortunately for them she left panicked. lets just say I wasn’t empty handed! I was mortified she knew I existed she denied she was with him. Her kids played with my kids the worst part she was bragging about it indirectly on Facebook for only friends to see but little did she know we had mutual friends. Come to find out she had a habit of crying about her ex to men she was talking to… multiple guys including my friend, Lol. Who helped me not only catch them but provided the FB info and was talking to her as well. It was very clear she is a desperate HOMEWRECKER who brags about being cold hearted not caring if she ruined a 8yr relationship, a proposal, and stable environment for two young children. She deserves to be exposed for the pathetic drug addict mother that she is. Since then she has moved to two different towns in the area and currently resides in Livingston with a man who she privately speaks of as “no name.” She’s battling a custody case with her children’s father and has no respect or class. Beware, Albarosa Garcia villasenor only cares about her own needs and has no shame coming up on what she wants regardless if it belongs to someone else 

Albarosa Garcia Villasenor — Livingston, California

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