Savannah Schroder is the type to sleep with a man who she knows is with someone else and already has a family. She talks sh!t on his BM and yet she doesn’t have a job or anything and now lives with the man who’s family she tore apart. She is only 19 and is with a man who is 25 with a 5 year old daughter… she broke up a family and relationship that was going strong for almost 6 years just to have him all to herself. Now he never spends time with his daughter or calls her or anything because the girlfriend has to be up his a$$ 24/7.

Every time his daughter goes to spend the night with him she doesn’t even get to see her dad because Savannah wants him to cuddle in bed with her and my daughter wants to play but instead he caters to whatever his chick wants. When he’s over spending time with his daughter she will call, making up lies and crying, throwing a fit to get him to come home… in less than a hour of being with his daughter and when he tries to break up with her then she sends him pictures from google of someone cutting their wrists and pretends she’s going to kill herself to make him feel bad. She has even gone so far as to lie and pretend she might be pregnant. This chick knows he still loves his BM and he has even moved his BM into their apartment and Savannah ended up moving out because she would talk sh!t on the BM and he would stand up for her. She just wants to step in and take everything away from his daughter. Her time with her daddy, her money from her daddy, and even her family… then she tells the little girl that her and her daddy have been together before the little girl ever met her back when her mommy and daddy were still together. That they were together and that one day she wants to be her “Step-Mommy”. Who tells a 5 year old little girl stuff like that and then says they want to be their step-mom… I’m sorry but to me that is no body that should be involved in that child’s life.

Savannah Schroder — Kansas

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