Doreen Cavallaro Wolffe has an issue with single men, she won’t touch them. I am now friends with 2 other people whose husband’s she has slept with. She sets her sights on a married man and won’t give up no matter how long it takes to get them. She presents herself as some open like star who will let them do anything with her anywhere they want. She loves to send them texts about the different ways and places they can take her and will even suck them off after the deed is done. Beware men when your done with her she won’t go away, she is like a cockroach and she only disappears when she finds her next victim. And even after that she will occasionally reappear. Look out women of Stanhope if you live on or near Dell Rd, and surrounding areas.

Doreen Cavallaro Wolffe — Stanhope, New Jersey

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