This woman right here Jami Chapman, has so many kids. Every one with a different guy she criticizes other women and shames them. She’s a stalker and tries to sleep with every guy for money or whoever will give her what she needs. She does not have her kids. She goes from WV to Ohio to Florida. She stalks pretty females and lies to them to try and take there hard earned money in court. She’s stuck on her ex Marqus Rose and follows and stalks him beyond words. She’s a tramp. She messages at least 10 or more Guys a night and has sex with them. She’s nasty and she will also tell you she loves to be with 3 or more guys at the same time. I once heard her say she had over 200 sexual partners. Been getting that **** ripped since she was 12 and she’s proud of it, and she’s always a racist she hates white people! This girl thinks she’s gods gift to men!! She has wrecked innocent relationships with just her lies.

Jami Chapman — Huntington West, Virginia

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