Gregory A Parker aka Parker is the epitome of a narcissist, sociopath and psycho all rolled into one, Unaware of reality he lives in a dream where he is the only one present. The drugs he has been doing for so many years have finally taken their toll and it is pathetic, What a waste for someone who had so much potential! I can only imagine how being a pathological liar can wear on a person much less the people who love him. Women and men in Phoenix..WEAR A CONDOM WITH THIS MAN! HE WILL PROFESS HIS UNDYING LOVE TO YOUR FACE THEN GO TO THE BATHROOM TO TAKE A 2 HOUR SHOWER WHEN IN REALITY HE IS BUYING TIME WITH EVERYONE ELSE HE IS SLEEPING WITH! He thinks he is Gods gift and acts like he is the s***! What? No Job, No Car, No Home, No Family, No Goals, No Deams, ONLY RUNNING AFTER THE NEXT BOWL OF METH! This drug has taken over his life AND HE WILL DESTROY WHOEVER AND TAKE HIM DOWN WITH as well! RUN, dont walk away from him. Take this from someone who has been there

Gregory A Parker aka Parker – Arizona

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