Alan B Trinh of Brea CA has been cheating on his wife for years. He is also what you call very NARCISSISTIC. He treated his wife like dirt and didn’t give a crap about anyone but himself and his self pleasure. He had sex with his co worker Priscilla Policar who is also married. Alan was caught by his lovers husband who forced him to tell his wife the truth. Alan Trinh also during his long affair with this dirty WITCH invited her into his home for special events and she sat and talked with his wife like nothing was happening. How sick and twisted is that? Makes me wonder how sick and dangerous these two really are. Priscilla’s husband left her and she has no intention of living with her lover now. I guess destroying two families is the only outcome in this affair. This man is nothing but a LIAR and CHEAT with no respect for anyone!

Alan B Trinh – California

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