This douchebag called a man is not a man he is a sick man I wouldn’t buy toilet paper from him because he is full of s*** .
The man thinks he can get away with anything he wants – by any means lying to make himself look good – 2 years ago there was an agreement in place (not a court order ) my friend Donna (whom he had an affair with 4 years ago)has by all means abide by that agreement – but apparently he thinks he can check up on her (she lives IL.), contact her kids get a facebook page to snoop on her and so on – As of Monday night she was very upset she called him to find out why he was even contacting her kids – She even contacted another woman who had an affair with him Kathy a LCSW out of San Diego . Now My friend Donna has disappeared no one has heard from her . All because this man has made her life living hell for speaking the truth about him, he only cares about himself he does not care what he has done to others . He is not anybody you want to get involved with by any means .

Paul Mullins – California

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