1st and foremost, Jamie Creger lied to her ex-husband for 2 years while they were married about going behind his back with another married, but seperated, man. As if that makes it any better. Her ex husband divorced her and not even one month later she had a “new” boyfriend and was pregnant 2 weeks after her divorce. The boyfriend is a known pedophile and likes talking to 14 year old girls. She lies to everyone about everything. She quit her job to try and get more child support so she can stay home with her new baby. She goes to her ex’s girlfriends house screaming and cussing like a crazy person in front of her own children. She lies and makes fun of her ex’s girlfriend in front of and with her children. She is nothing but an adult bully! As soon as she thinks you have money she will try to move on from the last.

Jamie Lynn Lineberry Creger — Higgins Lake, Michigan

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