if u want a cheating lying abusing child neglecting thieving fake woman find Adrienne Nicole McDermott shes the one for u well it started a couple of months back when i suspected my girlfriend of cheating on me because i was in a lot of pain from an injury and i wasnt able to get it on and her mood swings towards me started changing i didnt have a job because ibwas let go for getting injured and she started working well her actions were coming in as she was cheating i would try cuddling with her she would push me away i would say i love she would say it in like an angry tone when i was starting to get up again i tried making love to her and she would always push away more well her and i got into a pretty bad argument and i left to work came home after cooling down and she said we need a little break tension is high right now and i agreed to it and we were still talking and then my phone started staying silent so i would text her hey r u ok being the man i am and she said ya y at work i said ok text or call me when u get off well she wasn’t working she was always going to tuscon to be with a shawn graupner who shes been cing for a couple of months now and now shes abandoning her daughter’s with jer two babies daddies to go back east with him

Adrienne McDermott – Arizona

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