Its a long year ,I use to weigh 120 PD.through all that has consumed me this year of lied & cheaten and getting beat up. And not Even not being protected by the cop I’m 90 pd I I seen my started hiding stuff then I kept finding phone non my computer was hacked by him for nothing mind u he’s 75 yes and im55 we been together for 16 yrs.then I got a bank read out oh then I seen money was gone so then he takes me off the bank acct.and day & night I’ve been searching the computer I have learned quite a bit he working with another woman vying domains building website and I have tried asking him that’s when I first got beatup because imstupud I found out what he was doing I don’t have a car no were to go I’ve been home for the last 5 yrs then he beat me up out side I called the police again then they didn’t do nothing I said its on camara in my video outside camaras so they came back in the house and I started rewinding all 4 cops said to me we don’t have time for this when you find it call us soon has they left he had his son pick up the DVR it gone after30 days so that impoweredhim because 2 or 3 times they did nothing he even filed a kik out order did not serve me went to court &the judge denied it I didn’t no about it I found the paper work he goes on the computer every night to do his busneedd u have all this iporno coming through my browser website glhe goes to he has blocked me to go onwevsite to look up IP address and it goes on since may I’ve dine nothing day and night sometime for 3 days I keep findings stuff and woman in every country i m so scared and depressed I want to get a kick out order on him now because I need to try andheal my heart I don’t no howuch more I can take I tryed killing my self and if I hada guni probably would have he just keeps putting the knife in my heart and turning it I emission bbl drained and I just punched this in& u came up thank you for letting me vent I can’t see thru the tears.

Gerald Mcnamata – California

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