Courtney is a social worker, for East Coweta High School, in Coweta County, Georgia. Courtney met my husband, and shortly after me finding out, I asked her multiple times to leave him alone. She’s clearly a self conscious female that’s probably never had any other male attention and couldn’t muster up the decency to leave a married man, with three daughters, alone. It’s been over a year since she was told to leave him alone. My daughters even attending her school that she’s a social worker for, but apparently Coweta County schools support sleeping around and extramarital affairs because they were made aware of the affair. Multiple pastors, counselors, etc have warned her and my husband that their relationship was inappropriate, but this woman even snuck away on out of town trips with my husband and my kids… without my knowledge… my kids lying to me, because of her and their day together, and keeping it from me.

Courtney Cooper — Senoia, Georgia

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