This s*** is in relationships orm with married men. She has everything-Uses them for money and gifts and is a very well oiled machine. Tells us she loves us, never felt this way before and you begin to believe her. Snap.
Parties, goes to church just to come back and be promiscuous with strangers. Everyone laughs at her current boyfriend. She is a w**** and a joke.
She still calls men she has stored on her cell phone all over Idaho for kicks and has phone sex with them just to maybe get roses in the morning. User.
Rendezvous with men inside nasty bathroom gas station stalls, to since she is in RV Business-works for Camping World in Mesa, AZ. She likes it rocking. Major power trip. Messed up in the Daddy issues Dept.
Will service his needs and she lays beside the unsuspecting boyfriend with another mans sweat all over her still. Jamie Brouhard has delusions of being able to hook a white collar man who is wealthy and physically fit like some fantasy world when she is a serial ****. She’s bad news. Stay away. Yuck! AZ

Jamie Brouhard – Arizona

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