I spent two years of my life with my partner who gave me they moon and more when we first met. I suppose I should have known when he brought up being molested by his 4 brothers and being okay with that on the first date. After two years he was the same person as always I knew he was but had wanted to believe he could be someone else in my fantasy. We had good times but much more bad times and more specifically when he got physically abusive things would never be the same. I even thought maybe I can handle the physical abuse, had I encouraged the behavior? Nonetheless even trying to handle the physical and mental abuse he left me for someone younger. I had pain until I realized that love shouldn’t hurt and him leaving was the best thing to happen for me since I may have stayed with him until the next level of abuses. I can’t be angry yet I only hope that time will help me forget the injustices I feel he did and only hope this terror doesn’t continue under his hand.

Cheaters like to cheat – Arizona

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