Alyssa Luedtke has a lot of milage on her. She acts like an idiotic airhead. No one is stopping her. A little over a year ago she gave my boyfriend a few blow jobs. Told someone that blow jobs aint sex so they don’t count. So that means she is not cheating on her boyfriend in another town.  At the time of fooling around with my boyfriend she was doing a 14 year old were she works, had a boyfriend and was going after a married man older then her father. So if you be nice to her and be her friend she will send you pictures and tell you what you want to hear. I have personally forgiven my boyfriend but she don’t stop or care. She even admits she don’t care because she is sexy and can’t help men like her. But when she is done with you it’s yek and never happened. I’m doing this after the point because someone has to stop her.

Alyssa Luedtke — Eagle, Wisconsin

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