People, let me tell you my story with this woman Jini Wimmer. She started innuendos after descriptions of parts at a plant. You know, “Oh my, this one has rods. Can you guess what I like to do with rods?” I was intrigued. She eventually suggested we skip work and go on a picnic. I met her at her place. We took her car. She drove me somewhere by a lake. It was not developed yet. There were trees and just dirt roads. She pulled a blanket and a cooler out of her trunk. She started kissing me, and we had sex. I was ready to go, but she said, “Let’s wait a while. We have all day off.” We had some of the wine out of the cooler. That was all there in the cooler. We had sex again. By this time, I start feeling trapped. I didn’t have my car. She insisted on sex a third time. Now I’m sick of hearing her grunt, but I do it so we can leave. I’m ready to leave now, but she says it’s still early and we can wait just a little longer. After a while, she initiates sex again. I got it up but it didn’t stay hard. I faked an orgasm. This time I said give me your keys since you’re fairly drunk. I got her ratty car and we drove back to her place. I left telling her I didn’t want anything else to do with her. I would never be back, I loved someone else. She looked mad, but I didn’t care. She had very little to say to me at work. She just moved on to her next victim. How many victims has this tramp had in her career?

Jini Wimmer — Paragosa Springs, Colorado

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