My best friend Jennifer Hart slept with and took my husband from me! I have been there for him since day 1! We have 3 beautiful boys and he doesn’t give AF about leaving them. We have moved from state to state so he has a job, he has also laid hands on me and I never Pressed charges. I have Always told myself he will be better but instead he wants to be with my ex-best friend! She told me god told her they are meant for eachother and she’s probably right. 2 POS’s do belong together. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 8-9 years for this man and I finally got a career going for me and my family and he decides to leave us. Put this HOMEWRECKER on blast and let the world know that not all home wreckers are pretty. Ladies, always watch your back and your husband because even best friends are snakes!!

Jennifer Hart — Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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