Joshua Grier has cheated 6 times in less than 2 years. Josh is self centered and lacks self control. Josh only needs a nice smile to give you attention. He will create prolems or distance himself to justify cheating. Josh pretends to be kind but is a 30 year schizophrenic that decided I was cheating on him with a close friend, 2 months into our relationship… a complete delusion. Having a close family member with the same diagnosis, I would be able to ensure that wasn’t the case, however he always brought it back up again.

Nevertheless with no substantial evidence he spread this rumor to justify the 40yr old woman he was seeing behind my back. Turns out she was aware and okay with him having a girlfriend, ONE MUCH CLOSER TO HIS AGE. Josh purposely waited until my birthday weekend to confess his betrayal. I just lost my car, and money was tight. On my birthday, after I worked a full 8hr shift he faked an episode so I asked for him to leave due to aggressive behavior, he then was magically able to pull himself together enough to take this other woman out, again on MY 25TH BIRTHDAY. He then attempted to humiliate me by going to a mutual friends house. But wait, there’s more… the day after, he confesses… I asked him to leave. No more chances. He begged and pretended to cry. He lied and said he was going to his sister’s house to give me space, and to call him later, he loved me and he was sorry. Within 15mins he was at the other woman’s house, then switched up and attempted to make me feel bad by cursing me out calling me a cheater, a liar, and a b*tch and started sending me pictures of his not-so-new, middle aged girlfriend, and how this is his new bae. There was no forewarning, we were going strong. I wasn’t perfect but I was faithful, my own money, car, and goals. I loved him with my whole heart. I literally saved Joshua’s life after an almost successful suicide attempt. There were too more suicide attempts and 3 commitments to mental institutions. I supported him during this difficult time. I even kissed his family’s a$$. He would constantly tell me he wanted kids and to marry me. This clown had the nerve to say the voices told him to have sex with this woman. Avoid him at all costs! He will make you feel like you need to help him, with his big puppy eyes. Understand he is just another handsome dog.

Joshua Grier — Janesville, Wisconsin

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