This is Danielle N. Pegg. She likes to please men who are married with families. I went through my husbands phone. There she was. All the text, private messages on fb, naked pictures, chats of them showing each other pleasing. I tried to confront her but she just blocked my calls & messages. She has children. He had pictures of them as well. She talked about how her children’s father had a criminal background and was a no good father to them. Barely spent time of being a dad to them. She tried get my husband to help her with bills and all even help buy Christmas. I did some research she’s lives in Winchester and works for a hospital. I’ve seen in text they have done drugs together. Just wanted to get it out there. LADIES BEWARE. HOMEWRECKER WHORE right here. Don’t let her go on disguise. My husband was confronted and we are heading for a divorce. Please be aware. She has tested positive for Hepatitis C. Don’t let this woman confide in your husbands ladies. She will try take all he has and help with her children as well. BEWARE 

Danielle N. Pegg — Winchester, Indiana

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