This is Samuel Hope. Upon first glance you would think that he is a cool guy. A respectable human being however he is just the opposite. Samuel Hope in fact started out on now defunct adult website Xpeeps that cater to hook-up and online dating for adults. He posted under the guise that he was in fact a heterosexual female name Tracey Brown who works @ a Oklahoma City College, however he in facts works in Atlanta. He has literally been lying for 9 years about being this Tracey Brown character and engaging any straight male online in exchanging of pictures and phone sex amongst. Little did he know that he was easy to track thru some nifty research. Since a couple of individuals from his area has exposed him he has gone undercover with his antics but it all traces back to this clown’s instagram & facebook. Its also rumor that he was escorting and collecting expensive gifts – he’s on facebook professing his love for Michael Kors & Prada bags. Please be aware that this guy is the personification of Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

Samuel Hope Aka “Tracey Brown” — Atlanta, Georgia

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