During the birth of my husbands grandchild, he and his first wife Mery Berrgan, whose husband just left her decided to try to make another baby- Right there in the hospital parking garage. This was November 2017. My husband came clean Christmas Morning. Apparently they had planned an intimate Christmas for two, but I screwed up their plans. I’ve made multiple attempts to talk to the amusement ride that we call the Mery-go-round, but she’s not woman enough to talk to me. Ran to my husband like a little bitch! So my husband chose this twat; the same one that slept with all of his friends while they were married the first time; not to mention she slept with his second wife, yes you read that correctly; and her sons high school best friend. Now, he and her are trying to get back together since her last husband Tony, ditched her a$$! Seems Tony was smart enough to get away from this gold digger the first time. Now I’ve just got to get past the loser piece of shit that I was married to for 17 years. Sadly this grandchild has a f’d up family! Grandmother is a drunk HOMEWRECKER and granddaddy is a cheating piece of garbage.

Mery Berrgan — Goose Creek, South Carolina

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