This is the address of a woman beater, a liar, a cheater, a narcissist, a pill popper, and a drug binger. His full name is Mark Daniel Iannuzzelli. DoB 4/12/1967. 50 yrs old. Moved to SC from California. This guy has no soul. He will hurt you physically and emotinally, if you are a female, that is. He will rough you up then stand over and you watch you cry, with a blank evil stare. Plead with him to stop, he will likely spit at your face. Monster in disguise. Every girlfriend he has had has been beaten by this guy. Notice he doesn’t communicate with friends from his past? There is a reason for this. The reason is he has screwed over each and every one of them. He will do it to you as well. This is a habitual liar and manipulator. He prefers young girls 17 to 20 yrs old and likes to be called daddy. He enjoys recieving and giving anal sex. If you know this guy, do yourself a favor and get rid of him before you end up writing your own warning to others about him. Sometimes he uses his deceased fathers name online, Larry (RIP). This guy is shameless. A real P of S.

Mark Daniel Iannuzzelli – California

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