Pamela Zimny is a teacher at John Burroughs high school in Burbank Ca. Pamela seems to think that it’s ok to play house with my husband of 30 years. This affair started 3 months after my chemo treatment for stage IV thyroid cancer. Pamela knew that he had a wife and 3 kids back home in North Carolina but continued with the affair for the past 2 1/2 years. My children rarely see their father and his excuse is there’s no work in NC so I have to work in LA. They even have a joint checking account. When I first found out her Instagram wasn’t private so I found hundreds of photos of her and my husband’s dog… they’ve made quite the little fur family. I don’t blame Pamela for everything I know he’s been lying to her as well. Pamela is still a festering HOMEWRECKER. Don’t be Pamela.

Pamela Zimny — Glendale, California

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