This thirsty Brittany Thomas from Branford, Indiana is a hussy. She will message taken men and try to get them to sleep with her. She doesn’t care if they have kids at home or not. Only thing she cares about is ruining relationships. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years now. We have a beautiful 10 month old son, but this woman didn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. She messaged my boyfriend multiple times trying to get him to come see her. He did go see her when we got into a fight. He was there about 20 minutes. I know this because I tracked him on his phone. Anyways she tried her best to get him to have sex with her. He says he didn’t because she was nasty. Said her mouth was a train wreck. Said she looks ok in her Facebook photos but once you see her in person and she opens her mouth it was scary AF.  After she was confronted about being a nasty HOMEWRECKER she did admit that she got my man to come over. She knew we have a baby together and everything. Beware of this bag chasing hussy.

Brittany Thomas — Branford, Indiana

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